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    a cunning plan!:

    The US military and its NATO allies have a problem. Anytime they cross the Pakistani border to attack the Taliban and its local and foreign allies they run the risk of fomenting a coup against everybody's favorite tightroping dictator, General Perez Musharraf. Much like everybody else on the planet, Pakistanis get pissed when foreigners tramp around on their territory blowing up schools and wedding receptions. So rather than order "everything that flies on everything that moves" in Pakistan, we'll have Musharraf say "to keep you is no benefit, to kick you out is no loss" to millions of Afghan refugees: "Pakistan has announced that all 2.4 million Afghan refugees, most living in camps, must return home by 2009."

    Indeed, Lord Edmund Plantagenet himself would have been hard pressed to come up with a plan this cunning. The truly cunning thing is it wouldn't seem to actually do anything at all about Al Qaeda and Taliban forces living as honored, protected guests of Waziristan. Forcing these other people to pick up and march across the mountains to their future refugee camps inside Afghanistan would seem to have the beneficial side effect of changing nothing, unless we figure we can get away with straffing camps in Afghanistan that we couldn't in Pakistan.

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