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    absurdism as the letter R:

    "$127 billion project called Future Combat Systems, which is the biggest military contract in US history".

    Robots! How cool! Meanwhile:

    Militarization of space could very well doom the species. Itís being pushed very hard. Thatís one issue that really requires major work and thatís a huge one in New Mexico. New Mexico is one of the centers where this potential destruction of the species is taking place.

    Thereís a document called The Essentials of Post Cold War Deterrence that was released during the Clinton years by the Strategic Command, which is in charge of nuclear weapons. Itís one of the most horrifying documents Iíve ever read. People havenít paid attention to it.

    The Strategic Command report asks how we should reconstruct our nuclear and other forces for the post-Cold War period. And the conclusions are that we have to rely primarily on nuclear weapons because unlike other weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical and biological, the effects of nuclear weapons are immediate, devastating, overwhelmingónot only destructive but terrifying. So they have to be the core of whatís called deterrence.

    Everything means the opposite of what it says. Deterrence means our offensive stance should primarily be based on nuclear weapons because theyíre so destructive and terrifying.

    For those who don't like listening to crazy extremists like that Chomsky fellow there's this one, from everybody's favorite self-described war criminal Rob McNamara, or alarmist riffs of similar ilk from the New York Press. But by all means cream your pants over our new pork-barrel robot program. That's exciting stuff.

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