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    chinese firm's bid for US oil company..., 2005-07-14 00:47:54 | Main | It's hard to imagine someone w..., 2005-07-15 13:36:57

    advice i wouldn't offer:

    if I ever post a picture of myself anywhere on this website I will not wear sunglasses. Have you ever seen Shel Silverstein in sunglasses? How about michael berube? Some people look good in leopard skin caps or military hats. Nobody's eyes suddenly become beautiful sparks under sunglasses.

    Do not argue statistics in somebody else's backyard: nobody cares about statistics if you're in their backyard. You could carry CBO and Trust Fund reports in your back pocket, but who trusts the government? Few and fewer and for good reason. There is no trusted source of such authority, to argue while drinking is to argue from "common sense", not graphs.

    Do not propose in somebody else's backyard alternatives to multinational multibilliondollar corporations without an example of a multinational multibilliondollar corporation to prove your point about how multinational multibilliondollar corporations are not necessary. If business exists outside them they hardly qualify as noteworthy. Small businessmen build their businesses on good business, but in limited liability have good reason to do bad business.

    Folks are oftentimes confused by specifics about statistics, especially when they're in the hammock and you are not. Do not raise thine voice when it is not heard, for it is not heard for good reason: you sound either insane or dreadfully dull. Pronounce "either" "eye-thar". Do not ask for clarification on minor points, for the devil is in the details, and those who wish to clarify details ask only of the devil that she open the gates a tiny crack, and then miscellaneous anecdotal hell is invited to break. Do not tip the hammock, by word or by dead.

    Talk high baseball and low humor and earn then some credibility, before starting into "politics". Those who pay attention most are sometimes paid attention least for high hubris. And well they should. Those who care, listen. Do not listen to yourself at the expense of others.

    Carry water to the right well, and carry it gingerly.

    If nobody is looking, pour it on them before they notice.

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