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    I just flipped on the cable ne..., 2007-01-27 11:39:55 | Main | my greatest nemisis is providing free light, heat and energy. I call this enemy...the sun...., 2007-01-29 15:11:48

    by his own argument his own argument threatens us all:

    Dinesh D'Souza, whining about how harshly his critics have mocked him for his incoherent blathering, incoherently blathers:

    I argue that the American left bears a measure of responsibility for the volcano of anger from the Muslim world that produced the 9/11 attacks. [...utterly irrelevant blather about utterly irrelevant Iranian revolution...] and President Bill Clinton's failure to respond to Islamic attacks confirmed bin Laden's perceptions of U.S. weakness and emboldened him to strike on 9/11.

    President Bill Clinton responded to Islamic attacks, demonstrating that Bin Laden was no showboating dilettante living in saftey and obstructing Bin Laden's planned extradition back to Saudi Arabia. The 9/11 plot was cooked up in the resulting "volcano of anger". Clinton's response inadvertently made matters worse, a policy mistake from which we might learn something, but not by pretending it never happened.

    You could say that this demostrates D'Souza's ultimate point all the same by confusing the word "inadvertent" with "purposefully". His argument is that the Clinton Administration and the cultural left share collective responsibility for Al Qaeda's crimes rather than just their own, an argument that violates the conservative virtue of personal responsibility, a breech D'Souza knows perfectly well will further enrage the Muslim world and the terrorists who so clearly value personal responsibility that they've taken public matters of foreign policy entirely into their own private hands.

    It's bad enough our feeding the fire of righteous, social conservative distaste for the global proliferation of Hollywood productions and human rights groups without D'Souza heaping more fuel onto the flames by flinging around one more liberal cultural value that Al Qaeda never bothers to mention when publically rationalizing the taking of innocent life.

    I hope that Dinesh D'Souza will be manly enough to accept his personal share of our unfunded liability in collective guilt for causing future Al Qaeda attacks. I hear the lemon chicken is delicious down at gitmo.

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