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    From the author's note to The American Factor in Greece: Old and New, from "Dirty Work", p.157:

    The following article on the CIA's presence in Greece was commissioned by the Athens newspaper Ta Nea in March 1976, just a few months after the killing of Richard Welch. The article included the names and addresses of approxiametly 100 of the CIA's staff employees in Athens, gleaned from a US Mission list of 1974. Shortly after the article was commissioned, however, the editor of Ta Nea received a death threat if he proceeded with publication. The editor reconsidered his offer. Eventually, the article, with the names, was published in the [May 1977 issue of a] Greek political monthly, Anti, in May 1977. Anti's editor, Christos Papoutsakis, was imprisoned and tortured under the CIA-supported "Colonels" regime (1967-1974), and his brother died in one of the regime's torture chambers.

    When discussing the travesty of exposing CIA operatives' identities some discussion 30 years later of what it was the CIA was doing there is probably warranted.

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