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    god fucking forbid. I just saw segments of his "fighting words" (oh thank you CNN) with Norm 'Forest, What Forest?' Coleman - and bless Galloway for shoveling the shit back into the tire fire, whoever the hell he is. He could have done better, but he didn't get to drag Coleman and that Clinton kid Coleman's been whitewashing the fence for to Britain to grill those little cocky fucks about the Volcker report's conclusion that the US government was neglecting the enforcement of the oil embargo on behalf of Saddam. No sir. Couldn't have that could we! Be right improper! Hussling off an elected official to an allied country for a fucking humiliatin interrogation in front of a foreign audience!

    And that's my question, why he even bothered, it's like taking an O'Reilly gig. Must have been for the opportunity to tell a US Congressman straight in the face, "Everything I said about Iraq was right, everything you said about Iraq was wrong, nya nya nya!" I mean, that's pretty much the summation of his comments, and annoint the bastard with the oily backwaters of whatever strange gods you wierdos worship, I finish this bottle of whiskey in honour of our estranged and much maligned guest.

    [ooh, transcript, and, oh yeah, that guy, ahh the blog, I'd forget otherwise. Also, apparently, this guy. For the uninformed reader, the forest]

    update: Hitchens responds, the reader is invited to count the false dichotomies and segue-in-place-of-argument, whatever the proper term for it is when someone accused of murder defends himself by naming his good deeds.

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