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    the thing about the judgement, that " Mr Galloway was not given sufficient opportunity to refute the claims in the Telegraph", is that the Telegraph's executive editor Neil Darbyshire doesn't stand by the documents enough to even bother making the case about whether or not they're accurate:

    "It has never been the Telegraph's case to suggest that the allegations contained in these documents are true.

    "These documents were published by us because their contents raised some very serious questions at a crucial stage in the war against Iraq. The Telegraph did not and could not perform a detailed investigation into their contents."

    No wonder the civil case was on the subject of neutrality rather than substance. If only Dan Rather knew that trick. How few "experts" does the staff of the Telegraph have regular contact with that they can't find a few that can verify whether or not the documents are real and take a stand. These papers investigate public figures' finances all the time, go find some of Galloway's unaccounted-for millions of pounds. Etc.

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