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    I would like to thank House Republicans for this cheap financial experiment:

    Q: Can you look out the window?

    A: Sure.

    Q: Do you see a procession of bedraggled, starving sharecroppers in the streets, begging for dimes and lining up behind the dumpsters because congress didn't approve the 2008 Breadline Act before recess?

    A: No.

    Q: Paulson promised us a mushroom cloud of financial collapse by today! Where's my bum parade? The markets are flat, the largest bank failure in history has come and gone, men have grown wings, the endless spiral of consumption and waste we call the economy is slowing down but essential economic activity like building better jetpacks continues, and it's sunny out. Why are they still talking about a bailout?

    A: Maybe congress should call recess and get some exercise.

    Q: It's good flying weather. We could save some money if we bought them all jetpacks and sent them out to play.

    A: I bet it would elevate the markets, just to see their little ones soaring gleefully through the air.

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