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    shorter mike huckabee..., 2008-09-03 18:48:24 | Main | somalia..., 2008-09-04 10:13:54

    lies down snarling:

    I feel like they just handed the election away, like they didn't even want it. They must figure that when they retreat back to the trenches the base will have that pile of rotting meat and festering hatred to feast on. There was nothing but the usual ploys to lie about a tax policy published months ago, decrepit socialismo bogeymen (but they're the change!) and incoherent non-sequiturs (Mittens: we need "change from a liberal washington, to a conservative washington!", "the party of ideas, not the party of Big Brother!"), and blabberbutt whoppers about the biggest pork project in a decade of headlines.

    To her credit the press seemed pleasantly surprised that she could deliver her attack lines. She clearly earned that communications degree. But they were called on the bridge to Nowhere, Alaska before Bush's speechwriter could have even put pen to paper for Palin's coming out party, and it was left at the center of the speech. Being mayor of a small town involves pulling yourself up by your federal handouts, y'all dig?

    I've got an election strategy for you: let's make all our own foibles the center of the campaign, but try drawing the targets on the opposition, then blame the press if doesn't work out. In the meantime, their lame slogans are really ours, nya nya nya.

    It is but by the grace of their invisible sky god that they only have to deal with the Democratic Party. It's hard to imagine how anybody else could find some way to turn this silver platter into a brown bag of shit sandwich.

    update: the campaign staffer response is almost entertaining, but somehow the supposed attack dog can't find a single opportunity to do anything more than grovel.

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