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    military intelligence, your tax dollars at work, and other oxymorons:

    It began with a phone call. In November last year 39-year-old Huda Alazawi, a wealthy Baghdad businesswoman, received a demand from an Iraqi informant. He was working for the Americans in Adhamiya, a Sunni district of Baghdad well known for its hostility towards the US occupation. His demand was simple: Madame Huda, as her friends and family know her, had to give him $10,000. If she failed to pay up, he would write a report claiming that she and her family were working for the Iraqi resistance. He would pass it to the US military and they would arrest her.

    According to her personal account her brothers and her 45 year old sister are arrested with her: one brother is sexually assaulted, another dies at the hands of US forces, and she and her sister are routinely brutalized during their 8 month stay at Abu Ghraib.

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