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    on the one hand we endorse multiculturalism and support more of it, on the other hand it is an abject failure and must be destroyed..., 2011-07-24 17:22:14 | Main | it'll be easier to stab you all in the back if you close ranks in front of me, thanks..., 2011-07-25 00:59:36

    quality control in the asylum never was what it used to be:

    Pamela Geller is upset that she helped inspire Breivik's maniacal, homicidal fear and anger, and complains:

    Notice that no attention is being paid to last week's jihad attack in Mumbai.

    Google News hits for "mumbai terrorist attack": 4,742. For "norway terrorist attack": 3,838. Maybe Geller is the one who isn't paying any attention.

    Almost none of the incoherent, Geller-like ravings in Breivik's "compendium" are his own, the guy apparently spent the last three years and a hundred thirty thousand euros cutting and pasting screeds from the internet. An opening section is an unattributed plagiarization of Raymond V. Raehn's 2004 "The Historical Roots of 'Political Correctness'", which in turn seems to consist largely of plagiarized passages from Pat Buchanan's 2001 "The Death of the West", who plagiarized his material from lord knows where.

    Charles Johnson quotes Breivik on his motivations, and convincingly concludes that "Anders Breivik massacred up to 100 people just to market his and Fjordman's Islamophobic musings". It would be more accurate to say that Breivik wanted to market Pat Buchanan and frequent Geller guest-blogger Fjordmans' Islamophobic musings, with Buchanan's contributions three times removed, presumably to preserve their movement's credibility.

    Breivik's only musings in the thing seem to be his own navel gazing autobiography and a diary of the attack planning that, minus the bomb recipes, is mostly a long monologue on which wine would go best with the high end escort models he intends to pay for sex the night before the attack.

    But I don't think he did adequate research to see how his intended audience would respond to murdering dozens of children. I haven't seen right wingers calling each other fascists like this since it was the hot new trend of 1922.

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