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    The boycott-France crowd that are parading around on FOX keep accusing France and Germany of opposing the war because they: 1) don't want people to find out about their assistance to Iraq's weapon programs in the 80s; 2) because France has economic ties to Iraq; and 3) ignore protests against the war in the US while making grandiose, scathing remarks about "The French" because of "anti-American" protests in Europe.

    The problem with 1) is that the US supplied weapons too, and if one looked at the numbers I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that the US supplied far more than France and Germany (let me bitch about this). The problem with 2) is that it validates the anti-war argument that the US is invading to take control of Iraqi markets. 3) is nothing but a double standard.

    Boycott this, boycott that. The idea is that because we "died for their freedom", neveryoumind that more of them died and that we were fighting for our freedom too - we would have had to fight the Nazis eventually regardless - they have to obey our dictates. Some freedom it is we fought for, if that's the way you look at it.

    I'd feel better defending the French if they didn't turn around and proceed to act just like us.

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