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    the discussion on law & justice in post-hussein iraq:

    this morning C-SPAN broadcast a talk hosted by the neo-con American Enterprise Institute, and on the panel it included reps from MEMRI and the Institute for Peace (probably this one). They were talking about the prospects for prosecuting a trial against Hussein, and as an indicator of how serious they are when an audience member asked whether or not such a trial might open a "pandora's box" they shut the mike off. The man rattled off reasons why such a trial might become complicated, in the space of ten seconds he mentioned: the source of chemical weapon components, Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's involvement with Saddam in the 80s Saddam, April Glaspie's involvement in pre-Kuwait invasion, and then he was shut down. He kept talking for another 30 seconds, what he said wasn't heard. The moderator, an "aei middle-east expert", as though the AEI has any, started jibbering away some clumsy nonsense and the panel addressed the question more or less by pretending it hadn't been asked. "We know we know", doesn't matter, etc.

    Hence the discussion wasn't called "truth & justice in post-hussein iraq", since the truth won't have anything to do with it.

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