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    Prior attempts to coerce Liby..., 2004-01-07 13:18:22 | Main | 'trust us, we're the government'..., 2004-01-08 13:29:23

    the lofty pinnacles of conservative journalism:

    in the 1990�s both Mr. Will and Mr. Buckley were on the receiving end of Lord Black�s financial largess: As paid advisers to his newspaper company, Hollinger International, they received $25,000 each time they attended an advisory board meeting. And the book blurbs were not the first time these two prominent journalists have showered praise on Lord Black: As The Times noted, both men have lauded him in their columns, though without ever mentioning the fact that they�ve deposited checks from Lord Black in their bank accounts.

    As a one time subscriber to the National Review I am simply shocked. Shocked and appalled. The hallowed halls of the conservative movement need a new coat of paint: Saint Bennet the gambling addict, Limbaugh the balding AM-type dope fiend, George Will the paid commissar of the royal court. A sad state, now if only it mattered at all to movement conservatives.

    But why fret, there are still respectably insane GOPers like drezner who on occasion manage to argue for decent policies (why didn't we try, for less money, to push the supposed agenda of democratizing the middle east before launching a $200 billion invasion of Iraq? What about Kuwait, the Saudis, Egypt? Why start propping up commie dictators in central asia? etc.) that aren't (always) swinging around mental trapeze acts suggesting that democratization has something to do with American foreign policy, but instead are on the trampoline, juggling justifications for why democratization should be part of American foreign policy only when it meets more utilitarian designs. I have a rather certain fondness for honest assholes over flying jackasses.

:: posted by buermann @ 2004-01-08 12:59:47 CST | link

      well, i've perused your website. it's hard to imagine someone like you having a life outside of it. do you work a job? do you have a girlfriend or friends? as much as what you have to say is slightly interesting, maybe you should spend more time having a life.

    posted by commentperson @ 2004-02-21 00:48:15 | link

      I'm a software developer by trade, and suprisingly I do have a job, a girlfriend, friends, and what you call a life. I play fingerstyle guitar, read a good deal, write like a pompous intellectual snob most of the time, lose at poker with friends on the weekends, routinely drink myself into blackouts, smoke like a chimney, and try to enjoy what will probably be a short, nasty, and mediocre existence as much as possible.

      Not only that, but I'm cute, too. If I can add being slightly interesting to the list maybe someday I'll get an award.

    posted by buermann @ 2004-02-21 15:50:35 | link

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