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    the stupidest fucking 900-page draft memoir on earth:

    Douglas Feith corrects the historical record with one message: Douglas Feith is a fucking geeenius.

    The memoir melancholically bemoans the treasonous sub-loyal worms in Other Peoples' Departments that Douglas Feith claims bureaucratically undermined Douglas Feith's Brilliant Plan for an Iraqi Interim Authority:

    The idea to which Feith appears most attached, and to which he repeatedly returns in the book, is the formation of an Iraqi Interim Authority. Feith's office drew up a plan for the body -- to be made up of U.S.-appointed Iraqis who would share some decision-making with U.S. occupation forces -- in the months before the invasion. But while he says that Bush approved it, he charges that Bremer refused to implement it.

    This was the Brilliant Plan Douglas Feith began "sketching" one day before the invasion. A Brilliant Plan that was, according to One Anonymous Official, "really hardly a plan; ... it's a concept", a Brilliant Concept cruelly murdered in it's crib by Other Peoples' Departments before even a "rolling transfer of authority" could be pushed onto a US appointed Iraqi Interim Authority.

    That Iraqi Interim Government with a rolling transfer of authority? That was totally different from Douglas Feith's Brilliant Concept of an Iraqi Interim Authority. You see how Paul Bremer and the sub-loyal defeatocrats of the State Department and CIA changed "Authority" to "Government"? That ruins the whole point of the Brilliant Concept.

    As an added bonus:

    Feith writes that it was a mistake for the administration to rely so heavily on intelligence reports of Hussein's alleged stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons and a nuclear weapons program, not only because they turned out to be wrong but also because secret information was not necessary to understand the threat Hussein posed.

    Hussein's history of aggression and disregard of U.N. resolutions, his past use of weapons of mass destruction and the fact that he was "a bloodthirsty megalomaniac" were enough, Feith maintains.

    He blames both the CIA and Powell, who outlined the weapons case in a February 2003 speech at the United Nations, for overemphasizing the threat.

    That's coming from Douglas Feith, head of the Office of Special Plans that produced the steady stream of fear-mongering hogwash linking the Ba'ath regime to Al Qaeda. Douglas Feith: the guy who just alleged in his memoirs that Collin Powell "downplayed" the threat from Iraq, alleges in the same memoirs that Collin Powell "overemphasized" the threat from Iraq.

    Apparently Douglas Feith saw that the real threat in the post-9/11 world was Saddam's past aggression against Iran and Kuwait: everybody else was just too fucking stupid to see that those threats hadn't passed, but were going to return to the present in a super secret Al Qaeda time machine.

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