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    they opposed the nomination 15 years before you did:

    A funny WSJ editorial this week from Michael Rubin:

    British columnist Robert Fisk concluded that the handshake was evidence of Mr. Rumsfeld's disdain for human rights, and Amy and David Goodman of "Democracy Now!" condemned Mr. Rumsfeld for enabling Saddam's "lethal shopping spree." While 20 years too late, progressives decried the cold, realist calculations that sent people across the third world to their graves in the cause of U.S. national interest.

    Today, progressives and liberals celebrate not only Mr. Rumsfeld's departure, but the resurrection of realists like Secretary of Defense-nominee Robert Gates and James Baker. Mr. Gates was the CIA's deputy director for intelligence at the time of Mr. Rumsfeld's infamous handshake, deputy director of Central Intelligence when Saddam gassed the Kurds, and deputy national security advisor when Saddam crushed the Shiite uprising. Mr. Baker was as central. He was White House chief of staff when Reagan dispatched Mr. Rumsfeld to Baghdad and, as secretary of state, ensured Saddam's grip on power after Iraqis heeded President George H.W. Bush's Feb. 15, 1991, call for "the Iraqi people [to] take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein the dictator to step aside." In the months that followed, Saddam massacred tens of thousands of civilians.

    While Mr. Rumsfeld worked to right past wrongs, Messrs. Gates and Baker winked at the Iraqi dictator's continuing grip on power. Today, progressivism places personal vendetta above principle. Mr. Rumsfeld is bad, Mr. Baker is good, and consistency irrelevant.

    And then he just goes on like that. Amy Goodman is somehow backing the Gates nomination. Robert Fisk wasn't one of the handful of journalists reporting Saddam's atrocities as they happened. The reason the Administration is pushing to get it through before Mithrasmas isn't because the nomination doesn't stand much more of a chance after the new congress is sworn in than it did when Democrats kicked him down in '9187. Etc. etc. Lazy fuckbag doesn't provide a single example of anybody gushing over this terrible nomination. How the hell do these people even get published, let alone graduate from Yale? Some goddam sick ass affirmative action grade inflation going on.

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