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    i guess we'll never know..., 2008-01-18 13:40:18 | Main | lights out..., 2008-01-20 16:06:08

    a secret muslim in a racist christian church plotting universal dhimmitude in Kenya:

    The froth from our jibbering conspiracy minded wingnut cousins since the Insight fraud of Barack Obama's supposed Islamist background have kept the goalposts drifting at a steady clip. The story has adapted to inconvenient facts like this: Obama is a Muslim; or if he isn't a Muslim then he's an apostate who will inspire a surge of anti-apostate Muslim terrorism; or if he's not an apostate Muslim then he has family ties to radical Islamists in Kenya; or if he hasn't got family ties to radical Islamists in Kenya then his estranged father's clansmen in Kenya have entered into coalition with radical Islamists promising to bring Kenya under the rule of Shari'a law; or if not all of Kenya then the two predominantly Muslim regions of Kenya, and if not with radical Islamists then with ordinary Kenyan Muslims, which, be honest now, is a distinction without a difference.

    This shit will fester and bubble up in regurgitated fashion from here to eternity, I suppose, or until he slinks back to the Senate. It ought to provide better entertainment than another 8 years of blathering about Vince Foster. The circus - which is taking place inside the big tent of the contested 2007 Kenyan presidential election - looks like this:

    In mid-December International Christian Concern started circulating rumors of a document that was published online last November by the rabidly creationist Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK). The document was allegedly a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from last August between Presidential candidate Raila Odinga and the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) - an umbrella group of some kind for Kenya's Muslim minority.

    This story drained down through the sewers before emptying into the waiting septic tanks of conservative blogs, and in that festering bacteriological pool produced the latest conspiracy theory about Obama's terrorist allegiances. No longer an apostate with a death sentence hanging around his neck, in our fevered imaginations Obama is uncomfortably close to Raila Odinga, who has conspired to deliver Kenya to its Muslim minority and institute Sharia' law.

    Or something.

    The document is a fake. It's junk from an unknown source that appeared in the email attachments of a spam campaign. EAK itself doubted its authenticity, and the spam was subsequently denounced as a forgery by both NAMLEF and Odinga, who released a MOU later that month, which itself may or may not be an actual copy of whatever was agreed to last August. So what's going on?

    Subsequent to Ethiopia's military ouster of Somalia's Islamic Courts Union last December, Kenyan authorities reportedly handed over about two dozen suspected Muslim militants to Ethiopia where they were promptly incarcerated.

    There is considerable confusion about the circumstances, and even the nationality, of the suspects. Muslim spokesmen have firmly declared that the men are Kenyan citizens and have been raising the issue of why, if they were suspected of something, they were not tried under Kenyan law by Kenyan courts.

    Mr Kibaki himself, while campaigning to woo Muslims, has asked the Muslim community to hand him the names of any such deportees so that he can intercede with Ethiopian authorities for their release. Muslim leaders say the government was given the names in July.

    Government spokesman Alfred Mutua, however, introduced a completely different element when he denied that the deportees were Kenyan. According to Dr Mutua, government authorities together with local Muslim leaders, scrutinised the names and identities of the deportees and determined they were not bona fide Kenyan citizens. The implication of Dr Mutua's denial is that the suspects were foreigners who may have been fleeing Somalia when when the Ethiopians invaded, an occurrence that was not uncommon.

    Dr Mutua's statement angered many Muslim leaders, who insist the families of the deportees are known and that there are signed affidavits to that effect which the Government has in its possession.

    Reports that an MoU has been signed between Mr Odinga and some Muslim figures have added to the intrigue. The response of Chief Kadhi Hammad Kassim has been that Muslims don't vote according to MoUs but do so, like everybody else, as individuals and according to their conscience. The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) has backed this position and rejected the validity of any such MoU.

    It is nonetheless evident that there is a deep split in Muslim ranks. Supkem itself is divided politically. Then there is the National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF), a group that seeks to rival Supkem. NAMLEF, which is chaired by Mr Abdullahi Abdi, is the group with which the ODM signed that mysterious MoU.

    So these people believe - more or less entirely off an attachment from a spam email endorsed by a faction of Kenyan creationists - that Odinga sought the support of a minor faction within a small minority by promising the moon, stars, a new Islamic constitution, and a Sharia' court on every corner. Nevermind that the Kenyan government has recognized Sharia' courts and incorporated them into the justice system since Kenyan independence in 1962. It'll be dhimmitude for everybody.

    Less insanely, it looks like Odinga made a simple committment with NAMLEF to suspend the extraordinary rendition of Kenyan Muslims to Ethiopia and GITMO and a general promise to "redress historical, current and structural marginalization and injustices on Muslims" in return for their support. And while it's the case that Obama may be distantly related to the avowedly socialist candidate Odinga, my sources tell me this was balanced out during manufacturing by adding some Dick Cheney.

    Barack Obama doesn't just talk about unity, he is the embodiment of unity.

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