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    Is he sure he didn't mean the Anti-Federalist Papers?:

    "The small-government conservative movement, which includes people who call themselves the tea party patriots and so forth, is about the principles of liberty as embodied in the Constitution, the understanding of which is fleshed out if you read things like the Federalist Papers. There are people here who do not cherish America the way we do, they did not read the Federalist Papers."

    The first thing I thought to myself when I saw the first Tea Heads and their merry tri-cornered protests against tax cuts with representation, or whatever the fuck it was they were trying to say, I immediately thought to myself, "Now, here are some people who've clearly read the Federalist Papers."

    Indeed, just take the following small suggestion for soaking the rich and compare it with something Dick Armey actually proposed, it's as though Alexander Hamilton has been re-incarnated!

    As to the suggestion of double taxation, the answer is plain. The wants of the Union are to be supplied in one way or another; if to be done by the authority of the federal government, it will not be to be done by that of the State government. The quantity of taxes to be paid by the community must be the same in either case; with this advantage, if the provision is to be made by the Union that the capital resource of commercial imposts, which is the most convenient branch of revenue, can be prudently improved to a much greater extent under federal than under State regulation, and of course will render it less necessary to recur to more inconvenient methods; and with this further advantage, that as far as there may be any real difficulty in the exercise of the power of internal taxation, it will impose a disposition to greater care in the choice and arrangement of the means; and must naturally tend to make it a fixed point of policy in the national administration to go as far as may be practicable in making the luxury of the rich tributary to the public treasury, in order to diminish the necessity of those impositions which might create dissatisfaction in the poorer and most numerous classes of the society.
      --Hamilton, The Federalist 36

    In their mastery of the incoherent, rambling tirade these folks have far more in common with Patrick Henry than any of the federalists. The general gestalt of their anger over the encroachment of government into the daily life of the commons is straight out of Brutus VI, and like him they imagine that it's the Federal Government at fault for the lot, when the most obnoxious encroachments are as often a gift from state government, city ordinance, or the condo association.

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      My own Tea Slapping contingent rejects the false choice between tyranny and submission, free stone and cling, bolognese and carbonara.

    posted by al_schumann @ 2010-04-05 06:33:38 | link

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