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    Why don't any Samurai epics take place in Mexico?:

    Known collectively as chinos, Asian migrants spread slowly along the silver highway from Acapulco to Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz. Indeed, the road was patrolled by them -- Japanese samurai perhaps in particular. Katana-swinging Japanese had helped suppress Chinese rebellions in Manila in 1603 and 1609. When Japan closed its borders to foreigners in the 1630s, Japanese expatriates were stranded wherever they were. Scores, perhaps hundreds, migrated to Mexico. Initially the viceroy had forbidden mestizos, mullatos, negros, zambaigos, and chinos to carry weapons. The Spaniards made an exception for samurai, allowing them to wield their katanas and tantos to protect the silver shipments against the escaped-slaves-turned-highwaymen in the hills.
      --Michael Mann, 1493, pp. 323-324

    It's impossible that the only fictionalization of this awesome setting for chanbara was Groo the Wanderer, but I know of none. Instead of transposing Seven Samurai into a gun slinger action flick called The Magnificent Seven you could just move the movie, sets and all, to Mexico, add some Spanish neck ruffles to the local officials, and call it Samurai Siete.

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